The Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

I have always been an immense fan of Apple Cider Vinegar. I “Bragg”(haha) about it to everyone. For me, I have noticed when I drink it with a glass of water, it gives me energy, clarity, gets me sweating during a workout if I drank before, and helps fight inflammation. There have been numerous studies… Continue reading The Amazing Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

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Ice Baths to Burn Fat

Experts in science, fitness, and health are all discovering the benefits of ice baths on the body’s response to fat loss. Research has shown that when the body is exposed to cold, it produces more brown fat cells, which are the “good” fat cells. They store energy in a smaller space than white fat. Brown… Continue reading Ice Baths to Burn Fat


Health Benefits of Massage Therapy

Relax, destress, unwind, some of the common effects of getting a massage. But getting a massage does more than just promote relaxation. Massage therapy has many health benefits that are a bonus to massage making you feel relaxed and amazing. Studies are done all the time showing the health benefits of massage therapy. The American… Continue reading Health Benefits of Massage Therapy



You always hear to take it easy on sugar because it can cause weight gain, but after I heard not too long ago that cancer cells feed on sugar, it got me wondering how bad is sugar for you? 1. It Causes Diabetes: A large amount of added sugar can cause your liver to become… Continue reading 5 REASONS TO DROP THAT SUGARY SNACK NOW!


5 of the best-kept Beauty Secrets!

  There are so many different beauty products out there today and people often worry about the harmful chemicals and ingredients in them and not to mention the expense, so I wanted to share five of my favorite D-I-Y beauty secrets! 1.Moisturizer: Don't buy expensive E, A, or C enhanced moisturizers, instead go to any… Continue reading 5 of the best-kept Beauty Secrets!


Do We Really Crave the Foods our Bodies need?

         It all started when my son kept asking me for a slice of pumpkin pie in February. I kept telling him it was a seasonal desert but he didn't want to accept it he would just reply, " I'm just REALLY craving a Pumpkin Pie!" So I went to the grocery store and there… Continue reading Do We Really Crave the Foods our Bodies need?